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Insights from Indeed’s creative community.
A person types at a robot-computer with the sun going down on a cityscape in the distance

Futureproofing UX in the Age of AI

Your human-generated guide to boosting your UX team’s ability to build trustworthy and ethical AI-powered experiences.

Gerren LamsonNovember 2023
The silhouette of a cap-and-gown graduate looks onward while papers and question marks rain down

5 UX Essentials Design School Won’t Teach You

Most UX newbies only learn these design skills at work.

Courtney FortinNovember 2023
Line chart of UK and Ireland UX design and research jobs on Indeed where posts in Q3 2023 are roughly 50% of Q1 2018 levels

How UX Job Markets Are Changing in Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK

UX hiring is moving in different directions across countries.

Kathryn Brookshier
A spark shines from the mind of a caped silhouette against a cosmic background.

AI Prompt Engineering Is a UX Superpower

Learning how to communicate with large language models can make you a better UXer.

Maddy BauerOctober 2023

Useful tools

A field of hand-drawn wireframe elements peeks through the triangular space between three overlapping shapes in gradients of blue and orange.

A Wireframe Kit for Early Research and Testing Concepts

Spencer Bieri
February 2023
Against a background with a plant, a coffee cup, and a light, hands hold a tablet displaying the title of a Designing Inclusive Experiences guide

Industry reports and career tips

UX research jobs on Indeed grew from 8.9 per 100 UX design jobs in 2013 to 35.7 per 100 in 2022, dipped to 33.2 in 2023

UX Research Job Postings Show the Discipline is Here to Stay

Ten years of Indeed data suggest companies have increasingly prioritized hiring researchers.

Kathryn BrookshierAugust 2023
A person smiles within the intersection of three overlapping magnifying glasses.

How to Stand Out in a UX Interview

Indeed Design Team
June 2023
Chart, UX research and design job postings on Indeed hit a high in Q1 2022 then dropped below Q1 2021 level in Q2 2023

UX Job Listings Plunged in 2023

Kathryn Brookshier
August 2023
A Swiss army knife fans out tools, displaying more typical tools like a corkscrew and scissors. But this knife also includes tools and symbols of corporate of design like a skyscraper, a ruler, a pencil, and a magnifying glass.

Finding Your Groove in Corporate UX

Molly Guyton
September 2022

Inspiration and wellbeing

Three cords plug into ports in a red, heart-shaped item.

Building a User Experience Is Social Work

How adopting a human advocacy mindset can help you serve users better.

Rebecca Granat ShapiroMarch 2023
A person sits at a laptop, their silhouette resembling graph paper against a colorful abstract background of blues, greens, pinks, and yellows.

How a UX Designer Stays Inspired Through Painting

Putting brush to canvas helps this UX professional keep his creative well full.

Jimmy ParkJanuary 2023
A person relaxes in the crux of a wireframe element like a hammock against a background of blue and orange gradients.

Self-Care in UX: Empathy Isn’t Just for Users

Why UX professionals deserve kindness, too.

Valle HansenNovember 2022
A crouched person with multicolored limbs attempts to balance a precarious stack of rocks.

Everyday Wellness for Everyday Creatives

Five adjustments to keep your professional creativity and personal projects in balance.

Chris CromwellNovember 2022
An illustrated headshot of a smiling Sam Kapila against a kaleidoscopic background of maroons, yellows, and blues.

Sam Kapila: Small Acts Can Invite More Voices into Design Communities

A conversation about building inclusive spaces through everyday allyship.

Amy VainieriNovember 2022
A person with brown hair smiles at the viewer against a background of multicolored silhouettes of faces

Redefining Leadership Through Empathy

Indeed’s global head of UX operations uses this superpower to help others do their best work.

Michaela HacknerJune 2022

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