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Insights from Indeed’s creative community.
Person smiles as they splash down a water slide in an inflatable tube

10 UX Tips From My Summertime Waterpark Adventure

The sun never goes down on these poolside UX lessons.

Marty MeridaSeptember 2023
Sunset shows a bare landscape that contrasts with a lively ocean full of life just beneath the surface of the water

Find Your Hidden UX Research Impact

Your study could have lots of value hiding just out of sight. A short email can bring it to light.

Eli GoldbergSeptember 2023
UX research jobs on Indeed grew from 8.9 per 100 UX design jobs in 2013 to 35.7 per 100 in 2022, dipped to 33.2 in 2023

UX Research Job Postings Show the Discipline is Here to Stay

Ten years of Indeed data suggest companies have increasingly prioritized hiring researchers.

Kathryn BrookshierAugust 2023
Two hands stitch together Indeed brand shapes representing UX design principles into a patchwork quilt.

Indeed’s Design Principles and How We Made Them

Inside the collaborative approach a content designer used to get a UX organization of hundreds on the same page.

Sam BurgerAugust 2023

Useful tools

A bird's eye view of a coxswain steering a rowing team as they zip through the water in their boat.

3 Content Design Artifacts I Can’t Live Without

Rebecca Nguyen (she/her/hers)
March 2023
Illustrated hand peels up sticker prefilled with autocomplete html markup text.

Building an Accessibility Library

Stephanie Hagadorn
March 2021
Black line-drawings on a collage of multicolored sticky notes combine to reveal orbs and neutron shapes.

UX career advice

People peek out from behind the feathered pages of a big, open book standing on its spine.

Indeed Design’s Guide to Getting a Job in UX

Want to boost your career transition, nail interviews, level up your portfolio, or impress your new team? Read these articles.

Indeed Design TeamApril 2023
Inside the silhouette of a profile head, a conductor gestures toward a vast constellation of stars and lines that represent wireframes used in a UX design career.
A person smiles within the intersection of three overlapping magnifying glasses.

How to Stand Out in a UX Interview

Indeed Design Team
June 2023
Within the silhouette of a profile head, two code panels and a cursor symbolize the work done in a UX developer role.

Popular articles

Person with a sword and fire-breathing dragon face each other atop open book held in two hands.

The Art of Storytelling for Case Studies

These tips will make your UX portfolio easier to write—and easier to read.

Ingrid EliasJanuary 2022
Two hands form a circle, one writes letters with a pencil, the other draws a design with a stylus

UX Designers and Content Designers: A Framework for Collaboration

A director explains how his team got everyone on the same page.

Jan RojcekFebruary 2022
Confused math lady meme but with design system symbols instead of math.

10 Things No One Told Me About Design Systems

This UX designer learned the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Diana Wolosin
Indeed brand illustrations of people at work tiled in a neat grid that stretches out of view beyond the image margins.

Building Scalable Illustrations for Your Design System

What Indeed learned from crafting a brand tool that all teams can use.

Chris CromwellJanuary 2022
Against a background with a plant, a coffee cup, and a light, hands hold a tablet displaying the title of a Designing Inclusive Experiences guide

How Inclusive Are Your Designs? Use This Audit to Find Out

This guide helps you go beyond usability heuristics to create equitable, human-centered experiences.

Sneha DasguptaMay 2022

Use These Frameworks To Make Your UX Research Results Stick

A diagram is worth a thousand bullet points.

Eli Goldberg

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