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Movement and change are a natural part of hiring and looking for work. With smooth transitions and helpful nudges, our motion system guides people on their journeys.

Intentional movements support people, helping them take the right next steps. Synchronized animations bring our brand together, giving it a unified feel with a distinct personality.

Our core actions

Alone or in combination, our fundamental movements form the basis of any sequence.


Elements such as menu options expand to introduce themselves and shrink to disappear in a paced, subtle manner. No component ever gets overwhelmingly big.


When new components join an existing layout, they move above or below the others in a respectful way.


Large elements like menus slip on and off the screen in a way that keeps users feeling grounded.

Moving moments

We don’t add motion for its own sake—we bring 5 special interactions to life to help people find their way through our apps and websites.

Move in

Components appear in a thoughtful, integrated motion that lets people feel confident they’re in charge.


A guiding movement tells people they can interact with a component or pull up accessible text labels.


An acknowledgment that someone has taken action.

Move out

As components leave the page, this movement establishes a sense of space and reinforces the feeling of control over the product.


Entire surfaces need to move in and out of an experience in a purposeful way. Small or large, these movements educate people and help them better understand and interact with the elements on a page.


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