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Movement and change are a natural part of hiring and looking for work. Indeed’s motion identity focuses on quick, intentional, and well-choreographed movement.

Job seekers and employers are eager to find the right fit, and directive motion allows them to understand our product offerings without getting overwhelmed.

These animations bring our brand together, giving it a unified feel with a distinct personality while also guiding people on their journeys with Indeed.

Core Actions

Alone or in combination, we use motion to make sure we are:


Motion should create space for our most important messages. Like a hand opening a door, we think about motion as a way for us to bring our users in and hold their attention. Avoid motion that’s superfluous or distracting. Instead, look for opportunities where motion can enhance our brand material in ways that establish trust.


Our mission is to help all people get jobs, so it’s important that our motion feels universal and inviting. Illustrations, photography, video, and product representation assets can all benefit from a human touch. Consider the format of your work and how our motion will meet our users. Resolution, frame rate, easing, and timing are all important ways to create successful motion.


We are a colorful brand. Between our diverse palette, beautiful character designs, and abstract shape language, there are many ways to show our expressive side through motion. Use these properties to create moments of delight. Whether it’s through unique transitions, masking styles, or themed sections of typography, aim to develop movement that brings aspiration and energy.

Fundamental movements

Alone or in combination, these form the basis of any sequence.


Elements such as menu options expand to introduce themselves and shrink to disappear in a paced, subtle manner. No component ever gets overwhelmingly big.


When new components join an existing layout, they move above or below the others in a respectful way.


Large elements like menus slip on and off the screen in a way that keeps users feeling grounded.


Character illustrations

Motion is meant to breathe life into the illustrations. Characters’ movements should be simple.

Background shapes can be used to reveal foreground objects. Animate characters at a rate of 15 frames per second.


When placing animated GIFs on web pages, set them to stop within five seconds and pair them with an HTML-coded replay button.

The World Can Work Better brand campaign

In this execution, the dot above the iconic “i” drives the kinetic transition from logo to tagline. This purposeful forward motion underlines brand optimism while providing a clean moment for animation to resolve.


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