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Words give meaning to experiences, which makes typography a powerful part of our design work. We use it to create consistent experiences for people wherever they meet us.

We have two typefaces for two distinct purposes. Visually balanced and universal across languages, Noto Sans is a natural fit for our product. In contrast, Indeed Sans embodies the voice of Indeed and plays a main role in our branding and marketing moments.

Noto Sans

We’ve thought about every use, from small captions to big statements. The result is a simple and scalable system that works throughout our products.

Indeed uses Noto Sans in the weights bold and regular.

Scale and weight

A streamlined approach uses 2 font weights across text of all sizes. This allows for flexibility while maintaining consistency in our product.
Spacing example with the words "Tighter, Tight, Normal, Loose" on 4 lines with increasing space between them.


Careful fine-tuning balances density and line height to fit text across sizes and languages.
Indeed uses Noto Sans in product for all languages.

Language support

We meet users where they are, speaking to them in their language while keeping a consistent global style.

Indeed Sans

Our custom typeface, Indeed Sans, is a symbol of our brand and a visual reminder of the work we do to connect people with opportunities.


Contemporary and human, Indeed Sans combines generous proportions with a mix of sharp and soft elements. It adds warmth, clarity, and positivity to our brand voice.


Soft and sharp corners remind the reader of the natural strokes of calligraphy. Almost cursive, the italics look especially handwritten.

Notable characters

The type's personality comes across most clearly in a handful of letters. The curves of the lowercase a's and e's express optimism. The strokes of the b's, d's, and g's feel calligraphic.


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