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Since our founding, our logo has honored what we do best. When you’re looking for work, we guide you to the next step in your career. If you’re looking to hire, we connect you with the right candidates for your opportunities.

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Primary Indeed logo is the word "Indeed" in Indeed Blue (#003A9B). The "i" is lowercase and has an an arc over it.

Corporate logo

Indeed wordmark in white on dark blue

Logo wordmark

The most distinct element of the Indeed identity. The wordmark acts as a signature across all brand communications. Use only approved versions of the logo as outlined in this section. Do not include a registration symbol (®) when using the Indeed logo.

Indeed logo symbol, lowercase "i" topped with an arc in Brand Blue (#003A9B) on white, used as mobile app icon

Logo symbol

In some cases, we use the “i” from the logo wordmark as a standalone branding element. Only use this where there’s additional context that clearly labels the communication is coming from Indeed, such as Indeed’s social accounts and app store pages.

Indeed name set in Indeed Sans type

Our name

We are Indeed, not

While it might feel useful to differentiate our name from the word “indeed,” we should trust our recognizable brand identity to make this distinction for us. When referring to Indeed in copy (not in logo form), capitalize the “I” as Indeed is a proper noun.

Logo alignment and clear space

Ignore the eyebrow

Instead, align the logo with design elements based on the leftmost edge of the “i.” The intent is to achieve visual balance.

Clear space

The minimum amount of space between the Indeed logo and any other design element is equal to the “e” in the logo.

A vertical pink line aligns the left edge of the “i” in the Indeed logo with the left edge of text below it

Logo colors

The Indeed logo may appear in Indeed Blue (#003A9B) or white, never in any other colors. The preferred treatments are Indeed Blue on white or white on Indeed Blue.

Use whichever version provides the strongest visual contrast with the background and feels like it belongs in the overall design.

Note: The boxes behind the logos shown here are for illustrative purposes only. They are not part of the Indeed logo itself.

Indeed logo in white on blue and then blue on white

Getting it right

Use only approved versions of the logo and logo lockups.


Do not:

Alter the logo

Violate clear space rules

Add a drop shadow to the logotype

Squeeze or stretch the logotype

Change the alignment of lockup text

Fill the logotype with imagery

Tilt or warp the logotype

Place the logo over a busy image

Change the color of the logotype to anything other that specified

Product lockups

A distinct asset for all products

Our products are what make us a leader in our industry. That’s why we have a consistent approach to logo lockups for Indeed products.

Indeed Creative creates and supplies these lockups to Product and Marketing teams for all approved products.

Indeed logo above the text Hiring Platform

Our logo in content and campaigns

Lockup construction and usage

Indeed has many examples of content and campaigns, spanning events like Indeed FutureWorks, campaigns such as Virtual Hiring Tour, and content destinations like /LEAD with Indeed and the Indeed Career Guide.

For these branding opportunities, the Indeed logo becomes a secondary element in a bespoke lockup that highlights the name of the event, campaign, or content.

How lockups adapt to small sizes

Since our campaign lockups can feature a smaller Indeed logo, they tend to lose definition at small sizes below the 14px minimum size.

When this happens, use a modified version of the lockup that replaces the logo with the word “Indeed” spelled out in Indeed Sans type.

These modified lockups are most typically used in mobile screens.

Our logo in partnerships

Co-branding may appear on marketing materials that are developed with an official Indeed business partner or sponsored organization. Combo lockups for official partnerships use a “+” sign between the two brand elements, while combo lockups for official sponsorships use a vertical line.

Text: Indeed logo plus sign glassdoor logo

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