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Since our founding, our logo has honored what we do best. When you’re looking for work, we guide you to the next step in your career. If you’re looking to hire, we connect you with the right candidates for your opportunities.

Primary Indeed logo is the word "Indeed" in Indeed Blue (#003A9B). The "i" is lowercase and has an an arc over it.
Indeed logo icon, a lowercase letter "i" topped with an arc, in white over a background colored Indeed Blue (#003A9B).
Our icon stands for those we serve. Every person follows a path of their own, but everyone works to build a better life. Indeed is there to offer support along the way and highlight the best that each has to offer.
Four layered shapes, 3 curved and 1 angled, using colors from the Indeed Expressive color palette.
Inspired by our logo’s arc and letterforms, our shape language embodies the optimism and variety in every job and candidate search. Shapes show up in illustrations, motion, and anywhere they compliment our other designs.


The Indeed mobile app icon is the Indeed logo icon, a lowercase letter "i" topped with an arc, in Indeed Blue (#003A9B) on a white background.
Indeed logo icon repeated over backgrounds of shapes in colors from the expressive color palette.
Indeed logo in white on the outside of an office building.
Colored shapes pop up behind the Indeed logo icon in white.

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