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Many paths and patterns connect job seekers and employers, and our shape language reflects that endless variety. These forms balance our brand expressions and bring them all together.

Shapes celebrate our brand personality by highlighting significant moments and building dynamic environments that move with purpose.

We use shapes to customize photography and to build distinct campaigns. The right combination of shapes can ground product screens or brand illustrations.

Shapes can also be combined to create full-bleed backgrounds to support typography and imagery.

Download the shape library

Collage; photo-real hands with graph-paper shapes for sleeves grip a megaphone spouting colored shapes representing sound

Built to support

Arcs, contours, and colors combine to create a distinctive visual language.

Shapes in solid colors, one with a single curve, two multicurved, one angular, all with straight, horizontal bottoms

Natural lines

Organic and fluid, these figures combine, scale, and rotate as needed to make each composition whole.

Part of bulging curve brushes against part of triangle, both in Indeed Orange 70 against darker Indeed Orange 80 background

Dynamic placement

Repetition, color, and spacing create movement and rhythm.

Complete irregular trapezoid colored Indeed Purple 60 against a darker Indeed Purple 80 background

Simple design

Straightforward construction and application add hierarchy and emphasis to the graphic elements grounded by these shapes.

Background toolbox

Use these backgrounds to break up solid color in places like presentation decks, social graphics, and program branding. As with shapes, you can edit these elements as needed, following these principles:

  • Go oversized and cropped.
  • Use two to three low contrast, monochromatic shapes that make overlaid text easy to read.
  • Keep them simple, as if cut from paper.
  • Avoid high-contrast, repetitive patterns; they’re not on brand and may trigger seizures.

Download background vector files

Over wavy shape backgrounds, the text Detroit is Ready to Work and text Inside the Making of Indeed's Brand Identity

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