Work matters.

Finding a job is one of the most exciting and important transitions in a person’s life. And like buying a house or becoming a parent, it can also be one of the most challenging.

Job seekers often feel like the process is overwhelming, like employers hold all the power. We know how daunting it can be.

Indeed is designed to help.

Our design team, and all of our employees around the world, are focused on our mission: helping people get jobs. The tools we build serve both job seekers and employers, but we always start with the needs of the person looking for work; when design decisions force us to prioritize, we address the needs of job seekers first. The result is an experience that’s better for everyone. This guiding principle has served us well for over a decade and helped make us the #1 job site in the world. 1

When design decisions force us to prioritize, we address the needs of job seekers first.

Design and data

Like many global internet companies, Indeed is extremely data-driven. But the data doesn’t tell the whole story; for every powerful KPI, there are countless small details that matter very much but may be too subtle to measure.

As designers, we must always balance empirical data with holistic understanding. The right solution is informed by every available insight.

Global impact

Indeed helps millions of people all over the world find the jobs that fit them best. We help them share their strengths with resumes and assessments, research companies — discover and be discovered.

We connect people to opportunity. First-time jobs. Full-time jobs. Part-time jobs. Public service. Private sector. Global corporations. Corner shops. In over 60 countries, all around the world.

And we’re growing.

A growing team

Visual design.

Interaction design.

UX design.

and not just designers...

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    Design Technology

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    Content Strategy

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    User Research

In just 18 months, Indeed has had design imprinted in our DNA in a way that had not been possible in the 12 years prior. I think it’s safe to say at this point that the imprint is irreversible. There is no going back… Clearly, we are just getting started. The future of Indeed—the evolution to a personalized, intelligent, deep mutual engagement between job seekers and employers—starts with design.

Chris Hyams, President

Our studios

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  • Hyderabad


  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

  • Seattle


  • Tokyo


We’re learning.

We’re building.

We’re innovating.

We’re showing what design can do to elevate all facets of the Indeed experience

  • We’re building Indeed’s first design system
  • We’re developing brand new native app experiences
  • We’re testing with new metrics and methods

We’re just getting started.

From voice and tone to iconography and interaction, we’re elevating the form and function of Indeed.

We’re reexamining every detail, bringing new insight and more empathy. We’re building increased confidence in our platform and our brand. We’re determined to improve every stage of the career journey: search, hire, and beyond.

Design for opportunity. Opportunity for design.

This is a transformative moment for design at Indeed. We’re working every day to make one of life’s biggest challenges a little less challenging, and to make the world’s #1 job site a little more human.

At Indeed, design matters because work matters.

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