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Voice and tone

Good writing is good design. Thoughtful language drives the conversations we have with people, making us relatable and easy to understand. And that helps people get jobs.

People come to us from all over and with different experiences and needs. We welcome them with clear and straightforward content. Our dependable, supportive voice lets us meet people where they are.

Distinctly useful

Empathy, respect, and a deep understanding of the ups and downs of hiring and getting hired shape the conversations we have with people.

Unified voice

Wherever you find us—from billboards to our mobile app—everything we say sounds like us. Our consistent voice helps people get to know what we’re about and makes our products easier to use.

Flexible tone

We show empathy by adjusting our tone to meet people where they are. We help when people get stuck, celebrate when they land a job, and encourage them to keep pursuing their goals.


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