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Our colors reflect the many ways we showcase our brand. A rich range of tones and contrast lets us build for accessibility and tell a distinctive brand story.

Color picker based on HSLuv spectrum for human-friendly colors, used to build the Indeed color palettes.
Each color helps make it clear that you’re interacting with Indeed. Together, they work to ensure that every digital and physical thing we make feels like part of one visual family.

Our palettes

A full suite of colors covers all of the different ways Indeed shows up.

Indeed's Foundational color palette is 6% Indeed Blue (#003A9B), 25% Charcoal (#2D2D2D), 69% White.


Our primary color, Indeed Blue, embodies our mission to help people get jobs and deliver quality candidates to our employers. It’s the foundation for the rest of our family of colors.

Functional palette colors: Blue (#2557A7), Magenta (#2557A7), black (#2D2D2D), gray (#595959), Alert Green (#1F662C), Alert Red (#A9252B), White.


The colors in our functional palette guide people through our products, sending the right message at the right moment so that we never leave anyone to walk the path alone.

Indeed's Expressive color palette is White plus 10 hues each of Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Orange, Earth, and Neutral.


Our expressive color palette gives us flexibility. These tones show off our brand’s personality in new ways, whether they’re bringing illustrations to life in an email campaign or defining signage at events like Indeed Interactive.


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