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Inspired by actual people and places, our illustrations reflect the people we serve in all their variety. They add relatable humanity to a process that can sometimes feel daunting.

Hero illustration in our Paper Stories style, using Expressive palette colors to show a diverse group of people posing for a work photo.
We show scenes that are grounded in the everyday experiences of job seekers and employers. Our illustrations include people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, and careers. And while our compositions are idealized, they use perspectives and proportions that match real life.

Paper stories

There’s something powerful about paper. This style takes inspiration from tactile experiences like circling a job in the classifieds. We start with our expressive colors, then add depth with shadows, highlights, and gradients. A touch of grainy texture makes it feel tangible.

Hero illustrations show people doing many different kinds of work to capture the variety of jobs on Indeed.


This collection meets job seekers and employers where they are. Designers draw from a library of components to create familiar settings for their audience. Then they add characters that help job seekers and employers to see themselves in the art.

Spot illustrations show objects such as a stopwatch or map, as well as hands doing things like writing or giving a thumbs up.

Spot illustrations

These bite-sized images simplify complex messages. They’re snippets of our brand personality that communicate clear, common concepts.


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