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Designing a world where

better work creates better lives

An inside look at how Indeed’s UX and marketing creative teams build the experiences that help people get jobs and help employers find the people who make them thrive.

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A hand builds a set of stairs that a person is climbing.

Setting Up Your UX Mentorship Program For Success

Concrete advice and a free goal-setting template that will help you make your mentorship program vision a reality.

Kathryn Brookshier
A person sits at a desk, holding an upload icon while similar icons float around above their workspace

When Selecting the Best UX Icons, Context Is Essential

How to choose meaningful visual cues, aliases, and user strategies from your design system.

Marty Merida
Three people collaborate to put puzzle pieces together that make a giant lightbulb.

A Survey of Digital Product Teams Reveals the Value of Content Design

Better products, better solutions, and higher morale: Just a few benefits content designers bring to the UX design process.

Melanie Seibert
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Indeed's brand in action

Smiling person at work in a professional kitchen holds a bowl with rice and lifts a pot lid as they plate a meal.
Indeed logo symbol, a lowercase letter "i" topped with an arc, in white on shapes of Brand Blue and Blue G100
Candid photo of a group of Black and white people in business attire talking
Smartphone screens show Indeed’s products in Japanese using Noto Sans type
Grid of Indeed product icons in white and other functional brand colors against black.
he letter a in Indeed Sans type set in light weight and then in bold italic
A woman holding a child looks directly at the camera

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Learn how to use our identity to craft successful, on-brand creative.

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